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Doom, Zoom, and Transformation in the Year of COVID

Updated: Mar 12

Redefining Legal Procedures: The Role of Technology in the Pandemic Era

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Paul Gold's "Doom, Zoom, and Transformation in the Year of COVID" is a reflective piece that outlines the significant changes in legal practices amidst the pandemic, particularly focusing on remote depositions. Gold discusses the sudden shift to platforms like Zoom, the challenges, and the opportunities it presented for legal professionals. He reflects on his personal experiences, the evolution of deposition practices, and the practical aspects of conducting remote depositions.

Key Points:

  • The transition to remote depositions due to COVID-19.

  • Challenges and learning experiences faced by attorneys adapting to new technologies.

  • The effectiveness and efficiency of remote depositions in the legal process.

  • Gold's advocacy for the continued use of remote depositions post-pandemic.

  • Practical tips and insights for successfully conducting remote depositions.

  • The potential long-term impact of remote depositions on the legal profession.

The paper serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals navigating the evolving landscape of legal practices, offering both a historical perspective and practical advice for the future.

Download the Paper
Download PDF • 552KB

Download the Presentation
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