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Updated: Mar 12


Doctor talking about pills while filming

Most depositions are conducted in stuffy conference rooms with disembodied voices asking questions of the witness. While videotaping is allowed in almost all jurisdictions, some attorneys still opt for obtaining only stenographic depositions.  Reading a deposition at trial is not only unpersuasive, but it is also a momentum killer.  Videotape depositions are an improvement, but not much, if all the jury sees is a talking head.  But, what if the deposition involved a demonstration?   What if the videotaped deposition was taken at the scene of the incident giving rise to the lawsuit (an intersection or a worksite), or was taken using the defective device or even the injured party as a model?  This is a question that Mr. Gold pondered for some time before reading a case involving a lawn mower that inspired him to begin taking videotaped depositions differently, and to much greater effect. 

In the pages of 'You-Tubephoria,' Paul N. Gold invites legal professionals to the frontiers of advocacy, sharing his extensive experience with videotaped deposition demonstrations in personal injury law. This practice-centric work charts Gold’s transition from traditional depositions to embracing the power of video, pioneering a path where technological savvy meets persuasive storytelling in litigation. It’s a journey that begins with tentative steps in a new legal landscape and matures into a nuanced approach to bringing evidence to life.  Gold’s pragmatic wisdom and innovative tactics underscore the transformative potential of visual aids in legal strategy. 'You-Tubephoria' is not just a resource—it’s an invitation to elevate the practice of law through the strategic use of video depositions to make a profound impression on the deciders, juries, judges, and opponents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace the visual dynamism of videotaped deposition demonstrations to illuminate the intricacies of legal cases.

  • Craft your litigation strategy with legal ingenuity and practical wisdom distilled from decades of trial and settlement experience.

  • Unleash the full potential of video depositions to clarify complex narratives and make a lasting impact in the pursuit of justice.

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