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Construction Site and Oilfield Injury

Aversano & Gold have been at the forefront of representing those who've suffered catastrophic injuries or lost loved ones due to work-related incidents, including construction sites, chemical plants, and oilfields. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of cases, from fires and chemical explosions to equipment malfunctions and unsafe work practices involving cranes, excavations, and electrical hazards.

Our proven track record includes navigating the complexities of industrial accidents to secure justice and significant compensation for our clients. Notably, Paul Gold played a pivotal role in securing one of Texas's largest individual settlements following the tragic 1989 Phillips Petroleum Plant explosion. This case, along with our comprehensive experience in the field, underscores our unwavering commitment to holding responsible parties accountable and championing the rights of injured workers and their families.

Typical Cases Covered:

  • Construction site accidents

  • Oil field injuries

  • Equipment malfunctions and failures

  • Falls from heights

  • Explosions and fires

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