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Product Liability and Defective Medical Devices

In our everyday lives, we increasingly depend on various machines, devices, and products. While these items are meant to enhance our daily experiences, a defect in their design, manufacturing, or marketing can lead to significant harm. In Texas, individuals have the right to seek compensation for injuries caused by products that are unreasonably dangerous due to defects.

Aversano & Gold possesses extensive experience in navigating the complexities of defective product cases. Our team has successfully managed cases involving industrial tools lacking adequate safety features, consumer products like pool filters that pose explosion risks during maintenance, and medical devices with flawed designs. Paul N. Gold, in particular, brings a wealth of experience in defective automotive design cases, addressing issues from passenger safety to fuel systems and tire defects. His significant role in the State Fair of Texas “Enterprise” Catastrophe case, where a high-speed Ferris wheel malfunction resulted in fatalities and numerous injuries, underscores our firm's capability to handle even the most challenging product liability cases.

Typical Cases Covered:

  • Defective automobiles and tires

  • Defective medical devices and drugs

  • Unsafe children's products and toys

  • Defective equipment and machinery

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