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Rooting for Acorns—Hockema

Updated: Mar 12

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Texas Discovery Law

a closeup image of an acorn on a moss-covered surface

"Rooting for Acorns," authored by Paul N. Gold, offers an insightful 2019 update on discovery in Texas law. This comprehensive presentation reviews significant Texas Supreme Court cases and explores their impact on discovery procedures. Key topics include changes in electronic discovery, proportionality in discovery requests, and recent rulings on medical/psychological examinations. Gold's analysis provides valuable guidance for attorneys navigating the complexities of Texas discovery law, making it an essential resource for legal professionals looking to stay abreast of current trends and rulings.

Key Points:

  • Review of pivotal Texas Supreme Court cases affecting discovery.

  • Analysis of electronic discovery and proportionality standards.

  • Insights on medical/psychological examinations in legal disputes.

  • Detailed exploration of significant updates in Texas discovery law.

These elements are tailored to effectively convey the essence of Gold's presentation, providing legal professionals with an accessible overview of the critical aspects of discovery in Texas law.

Download the Paper
Download PDF • 189KB

Download the Presentation
Download PPTX • 715KB


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