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KINESIOLAWGY: A Study Of Motions And Their Relationship To Pre-Trial Practice

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Delve into the art of pre-trial discovery with "Kinesiolawgy," a comprehensive study crafted for litigators aiming to refine their courtroom strategies. Authored by Paul N. Gold of Aversano & Gold, this paper presents a nuanced exploration of the motions integral to pre-trial practice, underscored by the firm’s renowned strategic expertise. Readers will find valuable insights on the timing, focus, and adaptability required to navigate the intricacies of Texas discovery motions effectively.

Grounded in the reality of ever-shifting courtroom dynamics, "Kinesiolawgy" addresses the critical balance between detailed planning and tactical flexibility. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the judge’s predilections and tailoring motions accordingly, eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach for a more bespoke strategy. This guide serves as an indispensable resource for attorneys seeking to optimize their pre-trial preparation and achieve favorable outcomes for their clients.


  • The success of motion practice hinges on focus, timing, and adaptability.

  • Strategic knowledge of the judge’s preferences is essential.

  • Planning is vital, but flexibility is key when circumstances shift.

  • Recognize the importance of prioritizing critical discovery needs.

Download the Presentation

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