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Medical Malpractice

Aversano & Gold stands as a leading authority in medical malpractice litigation within Texas. Donna Aversano and Paul Gold are among the state's most seasoned medical malpractice attorneys. Donna's unique background includes serving as an Assistant Attorney General, where she represented Texas hospitals and physicians, providing her with invaluable insights into the healthcare system. For the past two decades, she has been dedicated to advocating for victims of medical malpractice, covering a spectrum of cases from physician errors to hospital negligence.

Paul Gold's experience extends over 45 years, focusing on plaintiff medical malpractice. He played a pivotal role in the landmark Birchfield v. Texarkana Memorial Hospital case, managing it through discovery, a month-long trial, and a successful appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. This case marks a significant moment in Texas medical malpractice law, highlighting Paul's expertise and persistence.

Over the past 15 years, Aversano & Gold has secured some of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in the state. The firm excels in cases involving birth injuries and life-altering damages due to surgical and anesthesia errors. Their advocacy also extends to those harmed by medical devices, showcasing their comprehensive approach to medical malpractice and their unwavering commitment to achieving justice for their clients.

Typical Cases Covered:

  • Doctor's misdiagnosis

  • Failure to timely treat

  • Nursing errors

  • Hospital and clinic negligence

  • Injuries to babies during labor and delivery

  • Emergency room mistakes

  • Wrongful surgeries and improper surgical techniques

  • Inadequate post-surgical care

  • Medication errors

  • Anesthesia misadventures

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